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my names Victoria I've been on deviantArt for about 3years. I love drawing and photography and hope to get better in both. I'm in for the long run here on DA and hope my watchers and friends will continue to support me and my work.
I welcome all feedback you have to offer, or any criticism. Don't be afraid to express yourself!
thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!

I'm also a proud member of :iconskyandnatureclub:

Current Residence: UNDER YOUR BED...aka Adelaide
Favourite genre of music: i'll give anything a go
Personal Quote: lols
Wow, it's sure been awhile!

I'm not dead...just busy ^^;
year 12 keeps me busy! though I do have a few photos and MAYBE a few drawins I MIGHT upload somtime since geez havn't posted anything since march...that's just disgraceful :'(

uhh what's happened since...march 13th...well me and my friend went to Sydney to see Emilie Autumn <3 was amazing! she was so good! I almost touched her arm (since me and my friend were at the front..well behind a person lol so second row) but not quite lol but I did touch Maggots, one of her Blood Crumpets (backup danncers/ preformers/ singers XD) she jumped into the auidence and I touched her arm ^^ we were also basically soaked lol from having 'tea' spat and spilt on us (gross but...i'm okay with it XD) it was actually vodka I think meh LOL. We couldn't really move either coz the ground was really sticky so we were like stuck to it XD we couldn't see anything but...yeah sticky lol.
there was fire breathing, fire swallowing, slight striping and many acrobatics annnd stilts were involved XD if you havn't heard of or listened to Emilie Autumn I strongly suggest you do! We didn't buy anything because we wanted a good spot (which we got) and the only thing we wanted to buy wasn't there so mehz XD
the girl in front of me was heaps nice and let me sneak in when Emilie Autumn came near <3 she also got chosen to go up on stage and make out with Veronica (one of the Blood Crumpets again) lol you had to be 18 or over XD all and all it was a bloody awesome concert <3

Now I don't mean to offend anyone but I disliked my time in Sydney, people were so rude! >:| and everthing was hugely expensive and busy and buses drove with vengence (more so than Adelaide LOL) my friend and I talked with some girls while waiting in the line and they were pretty horrible- not saying everyone in Sydney is like that, I'm sure not just they were quite rude and belittled us because we were still in school and from Adelaide >:| and they were just here coz it was a gig and weren't fans of EA - a bit picky I supose but w/e they were rude LOL other than that it was alright, I bought some manga that was not too highly priced plus our hotel was right next to china was good ;)
our hotal was shit and the room was a box XD and the interet was also shit but w/e LOL took some scenary pictures but took no film or pics at the concert coz my camera is big and not easy to take out, take a pic and then put it back so I was like meh. XD

that's sorta about it for march lol one exciting thing (unless I'm forgetting something?) April was noneventful I think and May seemed to stretch on forever! Hmm other than getting into MUCC big time (I was Nightmare deprived LOL) not a lot has happened lol though now it is June and holidays are near *YAYs* my friend from Japan is coming down to visit in July, should be cool and Nightmare are coming out with a new single at the end of the month which I have ordered ^^
uhhh Hitsugi's hair is pink <3 and their new webshow is hilarious =D

I think that's about it...oh and this layout is horrid XD I feel closed in lol like the walls are closing in on me, or someone has pushed my face into the computer...everything seems a little close lol id that makese sense

I think that's it, not a great update but oh well I shall try to upload something, soon - I don't know when...although long weekend coming up =D

good day/night!



Happy MUCC day! and Happy Birthday to Ruka from Nightmare <3
  • Listening to: Aoi Mori by MUCC
  • Reading: Burned by P.C Cast &amp; Kristen Cast
  • Watching: my body is made of sunlight by Circulus
  • Playing: politics LOL

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